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Sewing your own curtains demands quality accessories

It can be difficult to find the perfect pair of curtains. Your sitting room windows might have an odd size, or maybe you have difficulties finding the right shade of fabric that harmoniously matches the rest of your interior. 

Well, why don't you sew your own? Choose a fabric you like and pick all the needed curtain accessories here. Top-notch products that produce excellent results. 

Rings, rods and hooks


Traditional curtains can be made with loops or with rings that slide over a rod. Choose the curtain rod or rail that best suits your fabric or your home, and get started. 

How to sew your own Roman blinds


Measure the width of the window. The length of fabric you will need is the length of the window plus approximately 20 cm. You can choose to mount the blind with fibre rods or with ironing tape. The rods can also be shortened if the width of your window is not exactly the same as the rods. Detailed instructions included.

​Selfmade® has an extensive product range that also contains materials that allow you to sew curtains and blinds that meet European standard EN13120 for child safety. Loose cords can be tied around a cord winder, while a special cord lock separates the cord and bottom weight under strain. This is to reduce the risk of accidents, making our curtain/blind products safe for use at home – even in homes with small children.