Here, in addition to a wide range of buttons in many different materials and shapes, you will also find patent buttons, snap fasteners and cover buttons, etc.

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Huge range of buttons in all sizes and shapes

Did you know that man has using buttons since the 13th century? Sure, zippers and poppers are nice (we have those here at Selfmade® too) but sometimes buttons are simply the best.

They are easy for little fingers to use, look cute on kids clothing, and give a cosy hand-made feel to your sewing projects. They’re also super affordable!

It’s always a good idea to have a big box of buttons stashed away in your crafts supply cupboard. Whether you need to quickly fix a blouse or jacket that’s missing a button or find an inventive way to close up the holes in a cushion cover, buttons are a practical solution.

Whether you need buttons to solve sewing problems, or to add colourful decoration to your sewing project, you’ve come to the right place. At Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, we have so many buttons for you to choose from. So, don’t hesitate to start stockpiling your favourite buttons so you always have them ready. Browse our sewing buttons now to begin!

A button to match each of your sewing projects

Just look at the range of buttons we have! You’ll be surprised at just how many different designs there are. At Selfmade®, you can find:

  • Hole buttons – we have both 2-hole buttons and 4-hole buttons in a range of colours and sizes.
  • Jeans buttons – these are very hard-wearing and are perfect for holding together a tough pair of jeans.
  • Shank buttons – these have loops underneath rather than holes and allow more space between the button and base fabric for fastening thicker garments.

And so many more. We’re always updating the range of buttons at Selfmade® so the best way to get an idea of what’s available is to scroll back up to the products and start browsing through them.

As for colours and materials, you can find sturdy plastic buttons, metal buttons and even mother of pearl buttons. Be warned, with such an amazing array of colours on offer, it’s hard to choose. But don’t worry, with our affordable prices you’ll easily be able to buy all your favourites at once.

How to stitch on buttons

The first thing you will need are buttons, so if you haven’t already browsed the sewing buttons at Selfmade®, do that first!

You’ll also need to decide on a project (there are ideas below) and gather other supplies. Any average sized needle that fits your thread is fine. You can use standard cotton thread or polyester if you’re sewing the buttons to a synthetic material. You can find a wide range of threads at Selfmade® that match the colour and strength of your fabric.

Start by marking where your buttons will go carefully, so they are evenly spaced. Cut at least 12 inches of thread (or 24 if you want to double up your thread so it’s stronger). Knot the threads and sew an X where the button should go, then place the button on the X and start weaving up and down through the fabric and the buttonholes. You’ll need to go through the fabric and holes at least 3 times. The next time you come up through the fabric, don’t pass through the holes. Instead, wrap around the thread between the fabric and button several times, then push back down through the fabric and tie off.

Did you know that some sewing machines have button programs too, so they can sew buttons securely for you? You’ll find sewing machines and more all in one place – our website!

3 Great sewing projects for buttons

There’s no doubt that you’ll have fallen in love with at least 1 set of buttons at Selfmade® by now! But sometimes we find lovely accessories, like these buttons, but struggle to think of a project to use them in. Well, not anymore! If you’ve found buttons you love, try using them on these 3 great projects for sewing buttons.

  • A simple cardigan – this is great for colourful buttons! Use a simple, plain and cosy fabric to make your cardigan, then stitch on contrasting buttons to add a pop of eye-catching colour. This is also a great project to use up buttons for kids. Imagine their delight when they see their favourite cartoon character peeping from every buttonhole.
  • Cotton duvet cover – it’s a simple project that helps you to use up a vast amount of fabrics (or small amounts, if you want a quilt cover) with buttons to fasten it at the bottom. You can also decorate the cover with buttons, but don’t go overboard or it won’t be very comfortable to sleep under!
  • Dolly – use large buttons for eyes and teeny tiny buttons to sew clothes for the dolly. This is a great project to use up button pairs and small scraps of fabric while creating something your child or grandchild will adore forever.

Buttons for sale at STOFF & STIL/ Selfmade®

What are you waiting for? Scroll back up the page now to browse through the whole range of buttons at Selfmade®. There’s a button set here for every sewing project.

Our website holds everything you could need for your project, so before you head to the checkout with your beautiful new buttons, take a look around our other categories. Stock up on fabrics, find some new needles for your sewing machine, or just flip through our online ideas book to find inspiration.

With our great customer service, if you need more info about any of our buttons or just some advice on what you should buy, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Shop our beautiful selection of buttons for sale at Selfmade® now.