Sewing patterns for children's clothing and accessories

Discover our diverse range of sewing patterns for kids. Here, you'll find everything from charming clothing to practical accessories, perfect for creating personalised and unique creations for little ones.

Sewing patterns - children's clothing

Sewing children's clothes is popular. It's a hobby that keeps many people busy - expectant and new mothers, experienced mothers and, not least, grandmothers.


At Selfmade® / STOF & STIL, we design and produce our patterns for children. The patterns are produced on pattern fleece and cut in sizes, including seam allowances. This means it's straightforward to start sewing, and the patterns are durable and can be used repeatedly. 


Burda sewing patterns for kids

We're thrilled to include Burda sewing patterns in our already extensive selection. Burda, known for their innovative and easy-to-use patterns, brings a new dimension of style and creativity to children's clothing design.


These patterns offer an exciting mix of classic and modern styles, perfect for creative sewers who want to add a unique touch to their children's wardrobes. With Burda sewing patterns, you can quickly turn fabric into unique creations that delight and inspire you.


Large selection of sewing patterns with children's clothing

We have many different sewing patterns for children's clothing to choose from, and every season, we design new patterns that fit in with current trends. For example, you can find pants, skirts, shorts, T-shirts, and more patterns. We also have sewing patterns for children's wardrobe accessories, such as balaclavas, collars and underwear. Explore the above and find precisely the patterns that fit your mind.


Children's pattern sizing

As our Selfmade® patterns are always cut directly from the patterned fleece, choose the right size for your child. Use our measurement chart to find the size that fits your child best. Our children's patterns generally range from 104-158 and are divided into 104, 110, 122, 128, 140, 152, and 158 (some exceptions may apply).


We also have a large selection of patterns for babies and newborns. These patterns range from 50-104, divided into sizes 50, 62, 68, 74, 86, 92, 98 and 104. Also, please look at our wide range of accessories for kids. For example, we have many patterns for different accessories for children and lots of lovely soft toys that you can easily sew. If you're also handy with a crochet hook or knitting needles, it's a great way to complement your sewn children's clothes with lovely items in soft yarn, such as a cute cardigan or a cosy sweater.