You probably know us as STOFF & STIL. Now we're called Selfmade®. But why have we changed our name - and what does it mean to you? You can read more about it here.

  • The STOFF & STIL name no longer accommodates everything we want to offer and our customers demand
  • It doesn't change that much for you
  • You can order the same products as previously
  • We've launched a brand new website that makes it easier for you to shop online
  • We've expanded our product range which now includes additional items in our hobby-category
  • The shops have received a makeover, including our workstations, our workshops and our sewing machines available for loan


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The choice of an English name may suggest that we have only changed our name to become more international. And while it's not insignificant that customers in other countries can now actually pronounce our name, it's far from the primary reason.


With the transformation from STOFF & STIL to Selfmade®, we are expanding and developing our existing range to accommodate future generations of creative souls.

"Our new name reflects our vision of being a creative beacon for all those curious, imaginative minds seeking out inspiration and originality."


- Alexander Lerche, CEO



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STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®
STOFF & STIL — Selfmade® STOFF & STIL — Selfmade®

Our previous website has been replaced with a new one that improves your online shopping experience.


Our range is the same, but we've added new improved and detailed product images that allow you to get a close view of our popular fabrics.


We continuously equip all products with as much information as possible, so you can easily and safely order our products online.


We've also expanded our online universe with even more inspiration, guides and videos, where our experts share their best tips.

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Changing the name is quite a process for a company of our size.


That's why you will find both STOFF & STIL and Selfmade® in our shops and on our webshop for a while. But also on your packaging, social media - and certainly in many other places.


Selfmade® is an expression of the pride originating from creating something from scratch.


The pride you feel in the unique dress you've created. Or that your grandmother's worn armchair has now become an eye-catcher in your living room after a reupholstery has given it new life.


It is the level above homemade. It's Selfmade®.



Our core has not changed - we will always be a fabric supplier. In other words, the fabrics you've always loved are still part of our range. So are all our accessories, sewing patterns, yarns and more.


Can I still use my STOFF & STIL gift card / voucher?

Yes, even though we have changed our name to Selfmade®, you can still use your STOFF & STIL gift card.

Our staff, who are still the same, are always ready to help you in the shops.


Why are you changing your name to Selfmade®?

We didn't think the STOFF & STIL name could encompass everything we want and need to do to meet the needs of tomorrow's consumers.


With Selfmade® we have the opportunity to rethink creativity and sewing in a new context.


Do you carry the same products as before?

Yes, you can buy all the same products! Fabrics, sewing patterns, haberdashery, sewing accessories, yarn and hobby items.


We are constantly expanding the range with more items in our hobby-category, but our core products remain the same.



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