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Copy the pattern from the drawing.

Cut the hat piece in fabric. For the rim, cut a piece of fake fur measuring

61 cm x 12 cm. Cut a circle of fake fur for the bobble.

1. Sew the hat, right sides facing (1 cm seam allowance), mitre corners, turn to right side, press.

2. Fold the fake fur rim right sides facing. Sew to make a ring (1 cm seam allowance).

3. Sew the fur rim onto the hat, right sides facing (1 cm seam allowance). Adjust to fit.

4. Turn the seam down towards the fur rim. Fold the rim double, wrong sides facing so that the rim extends 1 cm over the seam. Pin the fur rim, sew from the right side. Sew precisely over the seam so that the stitching is invisible.

5. Tack all the way around the edge of the bobble. Pull to gather. If you wish, fill the bobble with a little remnant of fabric or fur. Sew the bobble onto the hat.

The hat can be decorated with yarn, ribbon, rhinestones, feather boas, etc.

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Santa hat