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Make your DIY projects extra dazzling with our Hot-Fix applicator 

Create beautiful and sparkling designs on textiles and much more with our Hot-Fix applicator. This versatile tool is perfect for decorating your creative creations with stunning rhinestones and studs. Let your imagination flourish and create unique shoes, bags, trousers, blouses, and much more. 

Simple and effective 

Our Hot-Fix applicator comes with everything you need to get started. In the package, you'll find a rhinestone applicator and a holder for the applicator. Additionally, it includes 4 PEBARO tips (P2-P5), 6 tips for Swarovski rhinestones, and 2 tips for studs. With the 11 different brass tips, you can customise the applicator for different sizes of rhinestones and studs. 

User-friendly and reliable 

For the best results, it's recommended to preheat the applicator for 2 minutes before you start using it. Once it's heated up, it's ready to adorn your creations. Our Hot-Fix applicator uses heat to melt the glue on rhinestones and studs. Press the applicator down on the rhinestone or stud, and the glue will melt and secure the stone/stud to the material. If the stone isn't properly attached, you can simply reheat the glue and adjust it. 

Technical details 

The applicator has a power of 6 W and operates at a voltage of 230V~ / 50Hz. It reaches a temperature of around 150°C+/-, which is ideal for achieving a reliable and durable attachment of rhinestones.  

Child safety first 

We recommend that only children over 8 years old use the applicator and under adult supervision. Our priority is safety, and it's important to follow the safety instructions and guidelines that come with the product. 

Detailed instructions are included with the product. 

We also offer boxes of rhinestones and studs in various sizes and colours 

With our Hot-Fix applicator and our wide range of boxes of rhinestones and studs, you're well-equipped to create amazing and personal designs that will impress everyone around you. Let your imagination run wild, and let us help you realise your creative dreams.