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Item No. 44910

Avoid sweat patches and stains under the arms by using sweat absorbing dress shields by Prym.

Dress shields are small, subtle wadded patches that can be affixed or attached to the armholes of your shirt, blouse or dress using snap buttons.

The dress shields absorb sweat and any deodorant leftovers and protects your clothes against sweat patches and stains under the arms. It also prolongs the lifespan of your clothes.

Use them again and again

The dress shields can be reused again and again because they can go in the washing machine.

This is why it is a great advantage to attach or affix them to your garment using snap buttons, making it easy to remove them.

This way it also saves you from washing your clothes unnecessarily because you need only wash the dress shields.

Work and party with less worry

When using the dress shields by Prym you can worry less about sweat stains on your shirt and focus more on your presentation at work. And show off your every sweaty dance move at the party because your dress will remain dry!

Each pack contains 2 pcs.