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Item No. 44930

Ultimate comfort with Prym leather soles for children's slippers 

Are your children tired of cold feet, or do you simply want to create their own pair of cosy slippers? Then Prym leather soles for slippers are just what you need. These soles are made from premium leather and lined with soft plush fabric on the inside, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. With this set, you have the opportunity to craft your children's very own unique slippers that are not only comfortable but also stylish. 

Contents of the package 

The package includes instructions and cutting patterns for three different children's sizes. The sizes are based on shoe sizes, making it easy to find the size that best fits your child. Additionally, there are two instructions on how you can either sew or knit the upper part of the slipper to be attached to the sole. 

Create your own style 

We know you love being creative, and with Prym leather soles, you have the chance to craft your own design. You can choose the colours and patterns that best match your child's style, creating a pair of slippers that are truly unique.