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Item No. 40920

Need more chalk? 

Are you also very fond of the ergonomic chalk wheel from Prym? Then you'll surely need refills.  


Here you get an extra chalk cartridge including the delicate cogwheel and protective cap. The chalk comes out as powder and gives you a neat line to work with on your project.  


Drawing with chalk on fabric 

The delicate cogwheel draws a thin, yet clearly visible chalk line, making it easy for you to see where to cut, sew, and add details to your project. 


To remove the chalk lines from the fabric, simply brush lightly over them with a dry cloth or brush - or simply wash them out. 


Remember that this is a refill. You can find the ergonomic holder by searching for "Prym Love chalk wheel". 


Test before you start 

It's always a good idea to do a test on the fabric you're working with before drawing on your actual project. This ensures that the lines disappear as desired. 


Part of Prym Love  

This product is part of the Prym Love series, which with its great designs in cheerful colours focuses on the love for quality craftsmanship and the joy of creative expression.