€ 15.00/m.

Item No. 861507

Nice and practical textile tablecloth

Do you need a nice tablecloth that's also practical for everyday spills on the dinner table? Then this is a great choice. It's not nearly as glossy as our classic PVC wax tablecloth, and it has a lovely, fabric-like feel. And yes - it's also really practical as you can easily wipe its smooth surface with a wet cloth.

Make your textile tablecloth last longer

Be aware that some types of food and drink, such as lemonade, ketchup, sauces and the like, can leave stains on your tablecloth. To prolong its life, wipe it immediately with a damp cloth soaked in warm cotton wool (with a little washing-up liquid if necessary).

Remember to bring the tablecloth inside

This type of textile is not suitable for damp outdoor environments and can also be bleached by the sun. If you use it on the patio or similar, you should always make sure to bring it back inside.


  • All our wax cloths are without dangerous chemicals
  • When purchasing 10 meters or more of the same item number, we deliver the wax cloth rolled on a tube