Cookie Jar Wrist Warmers FRAYA3037_wrist_warmers_image.jpg

The fingerless mitts are worked from the wrist to the fingers.

Left mitt: Cast on 48 (52) sts loosely on UK size 12½ (2.5 mm) double-pointed needles or a 80 cm circular needle. Join in the round and work 14 (16) rounds in twisted rib (k1 tbl, p1), or desired length.

Work increases for thumb gusset according to the chart: The first 24 (26) sts are the back of the hand sts, the last 24 (26) are the palm of the hand sts. Place a marker at each side. Work first round as follows: Marker, knit 24 (26) sts, marker, knit 24 (26) sts, place new marker, M1. Continue according to chart. When the chart has been completed, the 15.