Haberdashery and sewing accessories

Haberdashery, sewing tools, and sewing supplies are indispensable for sewing. If you want your sewing projects to become a success, using the right tools and haberdashery will make a tremendous difference. 

Explore our great range of haberdashery here. Use the filters to zoom in on a specific product type, colours, brand, or material. 


Popular haberdashery categories

Popular fabric categories

Haberdashery can be many different things. Much is left to your personal preferences. Whether or not you prefer sewing with interlining, you prefer buttons or zips in your outfit. Some prefer using piping. Others like bias tape better. 


Haberdashery - the must-haves any beginner sewist must own. 

One thing we can all agree on, though: you cannot sew without needles

Your sewing box should, as a minimum, include a few good hand sewing needles, a box of glass headpins, and suitable sewing machine needles.

Furthermore, it would help if you had a measuring tape, quality fabric shears, a ruler, and a few rolls of sewing threads in your favourite colours.

Check out our starter guide, with which you can equip a sewing kit with must-have haberdashery that can handle the most basic sewing projects. 


Buy quality haberdashery at a great price - and make sewing more fun!

Our collection of haberdashery includes great sewing accessories from known brands like Prym and YKK

Investing in good haberdashery pays off in the long run. After all, when you put so many hours in sewing your favourite styles, you'd also want them to last. 

When you buy haberdashery from Selfmade® / STOFF&STIL, you are sure to receive prime quality haberdashery at very favourable prices. 

We aim to have fair prices, always. So shopping haberdashery at Selfmade® / STOFF&STIL is your guarantee for excellent value for your money. 

Use the right sewing machine needle for your fabric

Our haberdashery department also includes many different needles, both hand sewing needles and sewing machine needles

Universal needles can be used on most all-around sewing machine projects and can be used to sew almost any type of fabric. 

But are you planning to reupholster your furniture with a stunning new upholstery fabric? Or maybe sew new pillows for your sofa? Then it would be best if you considered investing in a good sewing machine that can churn through heavier fabrics. Using suitable sewing machine needles for the fabric you have selected also helps make your upholstery project a success. 

Sewing machine needles need to match the fabric you use. Use a thin sewing machine needle for heavy material, and you are almost guaranteed a snapped needle sooner or later. Use a thick sewing machine needle for fine fabric, and your sewing will leave visible holes in your fabric, which doesn't just look bad; it also makes your finished project more vulnerable. 

Use stretch needles for highly elastic fabrics, such as jersey needles for a jersey dress. 


Haberdashery for all sewing projects

Here at Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, you find haberdashery for any sewing project. 

Choose from tailor's dummies in four different sizes (including a plus-size tailor's dummy and a dress form for kids


Sewing threads

A category of haberdashery isn't complete without a vast collection of sewing threads. Choose from regular cotton thread or one of our many different polyester sewing threads, available in more than 100 different colours. 

Use quality sewing thread and save yourself a lot of frustration along the way. After all, we are confident you could do without unnecessary knots in your spool, and we certainly wouldn't want your thread to break midways.

Our sewing threads come 1000 metres to a spool, which is why you never have to worry about your sewing thread running out in the middle of your sewing projects. 


A haberdashery must-have: Zips 

The one modern invention we would never be able to do without, is zips. Our Selfmade® / STOFF&STIL zips are very well priced and come in a myriad of colours and lengths. 

Choose from open-end zips or closed-end zips with plastic teeth, metal zips, long zips for jackets and coats, short zips for trousers, extra-strong zips for jeans or upholstery fabrics, and even zip pendants to give your style a cute finishing touch. 


Buy quality elastic by the metre.

As a sewist, there will come a time sooner or later, where you need elastic to finish your sewing project. Well, it's good that our haberdashery range includes many different kinds of elastic, sold by the yard.

Choose from narrow 5 mm elastic for sleeves, 25 mm elastic for waistbands, round elastic to make a pull string or decorative elastic bands that can spruce up any home-sewn style. 

Stiffening, wadding, batting, interlining, and interfacing

You also find our interlining fabrics in our haberdashery category. They add a professional touch to your sewing projects. 

We have so many different options for you, ranging from traditional interfacing, with or without glue, but also batting, wadding, bag interlining, stretch interlining, thermal interlining, Vliesofix, and much more. 

Check our guide on how to sew with interlining here. 


Shoulderpads and sleeve headings for your sewing projects

With the extravagant sleeves and shoulder lines back in vogue, you might need shoulder pads or sleeve headings to complete your projects. And let's be honest, shoulder pads can create an incredible silhouette for your blouse, blazer, or top.