£ 6.50/m.

Item No. 630178

Beautiful in Chiffon

The light, semi-transparent, and elegant piece of fabric that drapes beautifully over the body. 

Chiffon is perfect for elegant dresses and sophisticated tops. The semi-transparent quality allows you to design a lovely underdress or top, concealing exactly what you want it to. 

And chiffon is also beautiful for a scarf. Simply put. The small square scarf you can wear around your neck with a simple knot or the large scarf that matches the evening dress and is ready to be draped over the shoulders when it gets a bit chilly. 

Choose from several colours.

A few more details

This fabric is made of 100% polyester, is 145 m wide, and you simply choose the length you need for your project. 

When you start sewing, we recommend using microtex needles. You can advantageously sew with French seams because the fabric is so delicate.