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Design clothes on your very own mannequin 

Do you love designing and tailoring clothes? Then this mannequin is a must-have tool for you. It's easy to work on and quickly provides a clear impression of how your clothes will fit. Use it, for example, for adjustments and construction of jackets, dresses, skirts, and blouses.  

Mannequin for larger sizes 

You can adjust the mannequin to get the exact size you need for your design.  

This mannequin is suitable for clothing in larger sizes – but with a maximum height of 190 cm and an adjustable neck and back length.  

You can adjust the measurements within the following range: 

  • Chest 111-128 cm 
  • Waist 93-111 cm 
  • Hips 117-134 cm 

NOTE: Before you start adjusting the mannequin, we recommend that you read the instructions thoroughly.  

Assembly instructions for the mannequin: DIY8509

A bit more about the mannequin 

It's made of a lightweight and durable plastic material, covered with foam and nylon fabric. The shoulders are full-width, providing the best opportunities to adjust the sleeve of your new design.   

The mannequin stands steadily on a stand with four legs and boasts some cool features that you'll surely love in your daily work, such as:  

  • a handy pin cushion at the top of the neck 
  • 11 adjusters, so you can achieve the exact size you desire 
  • a built-in length gauge and  
  • seam marker. 

Use the mannequin while working, and let it stand as a decorative piece with one of your favourite creations on it when you're not using it.