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Item No. 71307

Piping in lovely patterns 

Does your design need a little decorative edge? Then piping tape is your go-to. Use it as a beautiful finish on cushions and bedding – or as that extra touch of finesse on the sleeve or bag.  


The principle is the same, no matter where you use it: You get a neat little edge and a nice finish.  


This tape is made of 100% cotton. It has a total width of 15 mm, while the piping itself measures 4 mm. You receive 3 meters of piping tape in one pack.  


Free guide 

You use piping tape between two pieces of fabric or between fabric and a zipper, for instance, to achieve a visible extra little edge that "peeps" out in the project (which is why we also call this tape "peek-a-boo tape"). 


Search for "piping tape" and find free guides on how to sew the tape into your project.