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We all own a piece of clothing we find hard to part with. For Anne Hother, Retail, Brand & Digital Director at Selfmade®, it's a 15-year-old sweater.

"It has a big hole on the elbow - but I love the fit, the quality and the colours. So it's not easy to throw away," says Anne.

She has tried several times to say goodbye to the sweater. Once it actually fell out - but Anne regretted it anyway. There must be something you can do about the hole.

And you can! Because there are oceans of ways you can upcycle your clothes and extend their life - even when they're worn and have holes.

We got our designer Amanda Michelsen to give her take on how you can. Here, she uses Anne's sweater as an example.

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  1. Materials: sweater, carded wool, felting needle holder with felting needle, felting pad and yarn.
  2. Locate the hole.
  3. Place the felt pad inside the sleeve and pin the sweater in place.
  4. Use the felting needle to fill in the hole. The carded wool should bind the broken stitches so they do not run.
  5. Fill the hole until you are satisfied.
  6. Remove the needles and felting pad and thread an embroidery needle.
  7. Embroider whatever you like. Here are small flowers made with the French Knot and Double Lazy Daisy method.
  8. Embroider as much as you like - if you like, embroider elsewhere on the sweater for consistency.

At Selfmade® you can find lots of inspiration for upcycling! For example, see our guide to mending here - and how to upcycle your cardigan with patchwork here.