Design competition 2023: this year's 3 finalists

The 3 finalists in Selfmade's design competition have each contributed with their own unique design idea. The winner of the competition will receive 13.500 € and have their design developed into a sewing pattern that will be sold in all stores and on the webshop.


Dive into the 3 designs on this page - and look forward to us announcing a winner in spring 2023!

Design Competition Collage Felicia Danser

Blazer by

Felicia Danser (DK/NL)

VIA University College, Aarhus


The Design

The classic silhouette of the blazer inspired Felicia. She has transformed this into a multifunctional and timeless design consisting of three pieces that can be worn together or separately. About the design, Felicia writes:


"My idea has been to create a functional product that at the same time allows the user to be more creative in putting together outfits."


At Selfmade®, we think the design creates a beautiful contrast between the classic and the detailed. The asymmetrical silhouette adds a lot of edge and leaves you with a sense of feminine power. It represents a truly versatile design that can be used in different ways.

Design Competition Collage Samantha Esfandiari

Coat by

Samantha Esfandiari (SE)

Tillskärarakademin Stockholm


The Design

With this coat, Samantha wants to bring out human creativity. The small plastic pockets in different sizes can be opened and closed to display different objects - pictures, flowers, etc. And there are other ideas behind this idea, too:


"The ability to replace the contents of the pockets creates a timeless design that contributes to sustainable development. The coat will constantly take on a new life each time you choose to redesign it, which will result in longevity," Samantha writes.


At Selfmade®, we think the coat is cool in itself with a great silhouette. The pockets add that extra layer of personality and playfulness, and in principle, you can choose how many or how big you want the pockets to be. In other words, there is plenty of opportunity to create a unique coat.

Design Competition Collage Jannie Sloth Hansen

Set by

Jannie Sloth Hansen (DK)

Designskolen Kolding


The Design

Jannie has found inspiration in iconic garments such as denim and tailoring. The hope is that her designs will have a longer lifespan and can be used for generations.


The design is also strongly inspired by the challenge of making pattern pieces fit on fabric. Here it has been Jannie's clear goal to minimise waste through the use of new cuts and details.


"With this project, I hope to raise awareness about textile waste to the consumer and the industry with the aim to improve," Jannie writes.


At Selfmade® we love the set as a whole and the mission to minimise waste. Some really good choices have been made in relation to the darts, and we are fans of the fact that the design is both classic and young in its expression. Therefore, we also believe that the set can live for a very long time in people's wardrobes.