The winner of our 2022 competition is German native Julia Wilde, who lives in Norway and studies at the Kunsthøyskolen in Oslo. Her winning design is a boxy jacket that offers a great opportunity to use fabric scraps and unleashes new creative powers.


Julia Wilde's jacket is inspired by a personal situation. She wanted to make a top in a quality she didn't have enough of, so she chose to use a completely different fabric for one of the sleeves.


This is where the idea for this jacket originated. The design is easy to divide, so you can mix and match materials, fabric scraps, patterns and colours as you like - creating a very personal jacket.


What our judging panel thinks of the design

Merethe Holme, designer at Selfmade® and part of the design competition judging panel, explains why Julia Wilde's design won this year's competition:


"Anyone who sews this jacket will have their creativity challenged because you have to put together qualities based on your own style. Julia has also thought about sustainability, as you can use all kinds of fabric scraps," says Merethe.


She continues, "The large collar of the jacket creates a nice balance to the silhouette, and the pockets and sleeves are folded to create a beautiful 3D effect.


The asymmetrical look of the entire jacket is eye-catching and you can make it as wild or as subtle as you like. There's every opportunity to be your own designer here, which is why Julia is our winner."


Look forward to seeing Julia's finished sewing pattern

Julia Wilde visited Selfmade's headquarters in June 2022, where she got an insight into all our processes. Here she also handed over her design to our design team and pattern team, and in close dialogue with Julia the design is now being developed into a real sewing pattern.


Julia’s design will be available in all our stores and on during spring 2023 - look forward to seeing the final result!

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