Step into a realm where ghosts come alive. This theme has everything from snug ghost-themed costumes to twinkling floating spectres. Craft intriguing decorations and wearable art with simple materials.

Whether it's a ghostly side table, a spooky tealight holder, or a playful felt mask, we've got you covered! So start crafting and prepare for a hauntingly beautiful Halloween.


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Hoveddørspynt 2

Set the mood for Halloween with this ghostly door decoration. As you approach the "haunted mansion", your eyes are immediately drawn to the spooky wreath. Crafted by twining white tulle around a sturdy metal ring, this wreath boasts uncanny eyeballs fashioned from polystyrene spheres, accented with red paint and jiggly eyes. Simple yet hauntingly effective!

Beside the door, you could place a small side table with sweets for trick-or-treaters. Its ghostly tablecloth was created by affixing black felt ovals to a backdrop of white cotton canvas. It is a straightforward yet eerily delightful touch to welcome the bravest of souls.


Set the table for Halloween in an eerie, ghostly theme. Embrace this classic white and black theme, letting your dining area shimmer as a magical highlight of your Halloween festivities.


Table decorations

Add cute handcrafted air-hardened clay ghost tealight holders to your spooky table setting. These delightful creatures are easy to craft: roll out the clay, cut out eyes and mouth, then drape over a cup or glass to retain their shape as they dry.

Opt for battery-operated tealights for safety, as traditional ones may heat up excessively. Combined with our other ghostly accessories, you're all set for a hauntingly festive Halloween atmosphere.


Tablecloth and napkins

Spread a white cotton canvas or linen across your tablecloth and drape white tulle as a table runner. You can easily create gossamer-like spider webs from batting. Gently pulled apart and stretched across your table, the batting creates a chillingly authentic cobweb effect. 

Adding contrasting black cotton/linen napkins, and you're set! 

Let us sew your tablecloth.

Eliminate the hassle of handling yards and yards of fabric, and try our tablecloth sewing service instead! We guarantee you get an impeccably straight tablecloth that perfectly fits your dining setting. Read more about our tablecloth sewing service


Ghost Barn 134

We present two ghostly costume ideas for the spooky season: a simple design for a toddler and a slightly more elaborate one for larger children.

Toddler's Ghost Costume

This cute costume is ideal for tiny adventurers ready for their first Halloween outing! This costume uses our DIY: Easy costume - oval template, sewn in white fleece, ensuring your child stays snug during chilly trick-or-treating nights.

We've added three black felt ovals for the eyes and mouth, seamlessly attached using our Vliesofix Bondaweb. This double-sided interfacing ensures the two fabrics fuse perfectly.

Teen's Ghost Costume

Stepping up the spookiness, this teenage costume is fun and easy enough for your teen to craft independently.

Employing the DIY Easy costume - full body template, it's crafted in white cotton canvas. For that ghostly flair, we've adorned it with a "Boo" in haunting letters and a classic ghost face, all drawn on with a black fabric marker. Thoughtfully designed, two small holes allow the wearer to navigate through the ghostly festivities.

Ghost Barn 98
Taske Spøgelse

This spectral treat-collecting bag is fashioned from see-through oilcloth, lending it an ethereal ghostly appearance. The bag's handle is made from a durable black anorak cord.

Filtmaske Skelet

Whether you aim to put the final touch on a ghostly costume or bring a spectral twist to your dinner party, homemade felt ghost masks are your best bet. They're universally appealing, ideal for the young and the old, and perfect for those who fancy a subtle nod to Halloween instead of a full-blown attire.


Choose between our straightforward ghost face or the more intricate skeleton design. Regardless of your choice, downloadable templates for both are at your disposal to ensure precision.


Simple Ghost Face Mask

This no-sew mask is a breeze for those short on time or new to crafting. Merely glue pre-cut black felt shapes onto a white felt base to achieve a haunting ghostly face.

Elaborate Skeleton Mask

Our skeleton mask is the way to go for a more detailed touch. Black felt outlines are meticulously sewn onto white felt using a decorative blanket stitch. 

Lysende Spøgelser

These ghosts set the mood for a spooky Halloween! Using fairy lights underneath the see-through fabric adds the finishing touch to these cute spectres! 


The voile for these creatures is stiffened with our fabric booster, allowing them to stand upright without support. 

Floating Gosts Step By Step
  1. You'll need something tall to help shape the ghost while the fabric booster dries. Here, we used a glass vase with a polystyrene sphere. 
  2. Spray the white fabric with fabric booster
  3. Drape the fabric over the vase with a ball
  4. Let your ghost dry
  5. Draw and cut the black parts of the face in black felt
  6. Glue them onto your ghost
  7. Done! 
Flyvende Spøgelser

Decorate your garden, patio, or balcony with these eerie creatures! We draped white cotton canvas with raw edges over a styrofoam sphere, then hung it with wire. Here, we also affixed the ghost with wire on either side to create the appearance of arms. 

You can use black felt or textile paint to create the eyes and mouth. If you use fabric paint, remember to heat-fix your painted parts before hanging your ghost outside. That way, the fabric won't bleed when wet in the rain.


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