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Big scrunchie DIY9013_530419_sskit

  1. Big scrunchie Diy9013-step.jpg
    1.Gather all materials.
  2. Big scrunchie Diy9013-step2.jpg
    2.Cut a piece of fabric, measuring 16 x 90 cm, this is including 1 cm seam allowance. Mark with pins where the beads will be sewn, 8 pieces with 10 cm apart, 5 cm from the hem. Sew the beads with the nylon sewing thread – stitch with a double knot on the wrong side.
  3. Big scrunchie Diy9013-step3.jpg
    3.Fold the fabric lengthwise, right sides together, with 1 cm seam allowance, start and end ca. 4 cm from each side.
  4. Big scrunchie Diy9013-step4.jpg
    4.Turn over with a safety pin.
  5. Big scrunchie Diy9013-step5.jpg
    5.Sew the ends, right sides together, so it forms a ring.
  6. Big scrunchie Diy9013-step6.jpg
    6.Cut a piece of elastic of 24 cm, and drag it through the fabric with a safety pin. Sew the elastic together on a sewing machine, close the hole.

Big scrunchie