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EcoVero™ – a new alternative to viscose 

If you're a fan of viscose, you'll love EcoVero™. It has an alternative production process which has a lesser environmental impact than traditional viscose. 

What does EcoVero™ mean? 

Viscose fibres labelled with EcoVero™ are made from sustainable wood, sourced from certified and controlled forestry areas. EcoVero™ viscose is free from harmful content, and its production cycle is optimised to drastically reduce environmental impact compared to traditional viscose. Notably, it uses much less water and emits up to 50% less CO2 during production. 

Read more at ecovero.com 

Use EcoVero™ for DIY projects 

Viscose is a soft and lightweight material with a beautiful drape. It's comfortable to wear and breathable – making it perfect for your stunning designs.  

For example, use this fabric for beautiful tops, shirts, and dresses. Let the design be simple, letting the pattern speak for itself, or go all in on personal details that complement the pattern. 

Some practicalities 

The fabric consists of 100% EcoVero viscose, and you can, of course, purchase the length you need. Wash at 40°, iron at medium heat, and line dry. Be aware of how much the fabric may shrink during washing. 

Remember to use the right needles – we recommend using a universal needle or a microtex needle in size 70.