£ 3.75/bag(s)

Item No. 3503043

Wide basic elastic for clothes and DIY-projects 

Elastic should be in every sewing kit. It can give your garment the finishing touch and, most importantly, ensure that the garment fits comfortably and stays in place.  


This is a standard elastic waistband ideal for the drawstring in the waistband of your trousers, shorts or skirts. The elastic holds the garment in place in the waistband, so it stays just where it should. 


It has a very simple and raw look; most often we use it as a hidden elastic band, but it also works well as an elastic band on a pair of night trousers, for example. The elastic can be washed at 40° and must not be tumble dried.


The elastic is crocheted and has a width of 25 mm - perfect for a drawstring waistband or as the slightly wide end of the sleeve.

The pack contains 5-metre elastic band.