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Preserve the lanolin content of wool with Eucalan wool soap

Are you looking for a good detergent for your knitted wool projects? Eucalan wool soap is the perfect solution! Eucalan wool soaps preserve the natural lanolin content in wool. These excellent biodegradable products are the perfect alternative to standard detergents.

Lovely scent of eucalyptus

This bottle contains 100 ml of Eucalan wool soap with a lovely eucalyptus scent. The soap preserves the lanolin content in wool, i.e. the natural fat in wool that helps to make wool self-cleaning.

This soap offers the following benefits:

·      Economical – use only 5 ml per wash

·      No rinsing needed

·      Mothproofs your knitwear

·      Biodegradable

·      Suitable for hand and machine wash

We stock several variants of Eucalan wool soap, perfumed and unperfumed. All fragrances come from oils (= pH neutral).

How to use Eucalan wool soap

Hand wash:

·      Measure 5 ml of Eucalan wool soap and tip it into your washing-up bowl

·      Fill with lukewarm water

·      Put your knitwear into the washing-up bowl and leave to soak for about 15 minutes

·      To wash your wool garment, squeeze gently so that the soap and water penetrate it well

·      Remove the garment from the water and gently squeeze out any excess water (do not wring!)

·      Dry your wool knitwear by laying it flat on a dry, clean towel

Machine wash:

·      First, select the correct cycle on your washing machine: Use a wool cycle or handwash/gentle cycle

·      Add 5 ml of Eucalan wool soap to the fabric softener tray

Wash the wool garment in the machine. To dry, lay it flat on a dry, clean towel.