£ 12.50/pc(s)

Item No. 40927

Tabletop Seam Ripper from Fiskars

Every seamstress needs a good seam ripper. This one from Fiskars is superbly user-friendly! It has a powerful suction cup so the seam ripper is firmly attached to your work table. So easy and so fast to rip open seams – without damaging the fabric.

High quality and easy to use

The seam ripper has high-quality steel blades that are designed to last.

The spring-loaded suction cup allows you to attach your seam ripper to almost any non-porous work surface. The suction cup locks securely so that you have both hands free to guide your fabric.

Use the seam ripper handle to quickly open and lock the suction cup. Hey presto, the seam ripper is easy to move and re-position. The clever protective cap clicks into its own space so that it does not get lost.