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Item No. 920265

Windproof and waterproof in quilt

This quilt is perfect for outdoor use as it is both windproof and waterproof with a water column pressure of 5,000 mm. It's a lightweight and comfortable quilt, offering you numerous possibilities for designing your new outdoor outfit!

Do you need a vest? Or some over-trousers? Perhaps a short jacket or a long coat? Or how about a stylish wholesuit or flying suit with a waist tie for adults, so you're ready to walk the dog when autumnal winds gust outside?

Ensure your project remains waterproof by using the right seams: Search for "seam tape for rainwear fabric" and find a free guide.

Quilt for accessories

You can also use this quilt for lovely bags, where the waterproof material ensures that your belongings remain dry in almost all weather conditions.

Design your own unique look or explore our many sewing patterns – perhaps you need a new bumbag or shopper?

About water column pressure

Water column pressure indicates the height of a water column that the material can withstand before water starts to penetrate. The higher the water column pressure, the more waterproof. A good rule of thumb is that +2,000 mm is good for light rain showers/short outings in the rain, while +5,000 is for a heavier rain shower or a few hours in light rain. If you're going to be out in heavy rain, we recommend +8,000 mm.

Some practicalities

This fabric is made of 100% polyester and is 140 cm wide. You choose the length you need for your DIY project.

We recommend using a universal needle size 80.