£ 16.50/m.

Item No. 272889

Print and Personality

A print can say more than 1000 words. Or – perhaps that's not exactly how the saying goes, but nonetheless, there's some truth to it: With a printed fabric, you have the opportunity to add the perfect unique touch to your design!

Find a pattern you love and design your favourites. Is it a pair of lovely leggings? A simple top where the pattern truly shines? Or perhaps a skirt that drapes beautifully and can be paired with solid-coloured tops? 

You can also go all in and design a jumpsuit or perhaps an entire matching outfit. It's up to you. 

A Comfortable Material

This fabric is made of viscose and elastane, so you get a soft material with good breathability and a comfortable stretch. The quality is robust and drapes nicely over the body. 

Some Practical Information

Viscose has been used for clothing for over 100 years. The fabric is made of processed and regenerated cellulose from sources like wood pulp or cotton waste. It's similar to natural fibres like cotton and silk. Here, the viscose is blended with elastane, giving you a stretchable viscose. 

You choose the length you need for your sewing project. 

When working with jersey, we recommend using a jersey needle, which is characterised by having a medium point – also known as a ball point. The needle easily penetrates the knitted quality and prevents stitches and threads from running. For this type of jersey, we recommend jersey needles in size 80.