£ 4.50/pc(s)

Item No. 43979

This charming teething ring from Go Handmade is an ideal choice for anyone looking to create personalized and safe toys for babies. The teething ring is made of natural wood, which guarantees a safe chewing experience for the little one. Available in three different animal figures, this teething ring will undoubtedly catch the baby's interest and support sensory stimulation.

It is designed with a practical size and has a mounting hole that makes it easy to attach to homemade projects such as pacifier cloths or sensory toys. The ring on the figure's belly is large enough to make it easy for the baby to grip and hold onto it. This versatility makes it a must-have accessory in any DIY baby toy project.

However, be aware of proper installation and regular inspection of the toy to ensure continued safety and durability.

Product features:

- Material: Natural wood

- Animal motifs: 3 variants

- Safety function: Mounting hole for easy attachment

- Ideal for: DIY baby toys