£ 4.00/pc(s)

2-way zipper for your project

Does your zipper have to go both ways? Then choose a 2-way zipper. Here you can open the zipper at both ends - giving you optimal flexibility!


This divisible 2-way zipper is available in both plastic and metal. Use the zipper for jackets, coats and vests or DIY projects like a tent or blanket sleeping bag.


The perfect zipper for everyone on the move

Are you one of those people who jumps on the bike every now and then? Or need to bend down many times during the day?

Then you also know that your nice long coats and vests really restrict your freedom of movement. But when you design with a 2-way zipper, you have the option to zip up from the bottom and get your full freedom of movement back. That's smart for an active everyday life.


Find the colour and length that suits your project - do you want it to match or stand out in colour?


We recommend that you close the zipper before washing.


Know your zipper 

There are many different zippers. Functionally, they can be divided into three categories: the non-divisible with closed end, which is used for example in trousers and dresses. The separable, used for example in jackets and cardigans, where you need your design to open completely and the zipper to split in two. And the split 2-way zipper, used for example in coats, where the fact that it can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top gives extra flexibility.

This is a 2-way divisible zipper. 


All zippers in our range are OEKO-TEX 100 certified and contain no nickel in the metal parts. 


What is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®?

OEKO-TEX® is the world-leading label for textiles tested for harmful substances.

Once the fabric has achieved a STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, it is your guarantee it has been tested and approved not to contain any harmful chemicals.

Meaning it is neither harmful to you and your health nor less harmful to the environment.