Festival 2

Create a unique outfit for this year's festivals

Are you planning on visiting a few festivals this year? Determining what to wear can be a tricky task. You want to wear something that brings out the best of your personal style. 


You can't go wrong

Here’s the thing about dressing for music festivals: There’s no right or wrong way to do it. You go to the festival to have a blast, enjoy the magic of live music, embrace camaraderie between music fans, and express your best self as you soak it all in.

Dress for comfort

But you also want to wear practical and comfortable clothing that'll still look great after hours of dancing. An outfit that can easily be adapted to the ever-changeable weather. 


While comfort has high priority, practicality certainly can't be underestimated.

3 festival essentials, you can make yourself

Here are three things you can't do without:

  • Sun hat
  • Bum bag
  • Blanket

Make a sunhat

A cute accessory as well as a practical one! A sunhat will help you keep cool by providing much-needed shade. Sew it yourself to create a unique accessory. 


Bumbags are perfect festivals

Large bags often aren't allowed on terrain. So you'll need a smaller bag, such as a bumbag or a cross-body bag to keep your personal items safe. But also one big enough to contain your sunglasses, sunscreen, phone, wallet, extra layers, etc. 

A water-proof blanket

You'll be grateful for that blanket to sit on and rest your feet between acts! Sew a blanket using water-repellent fabric as backing and keep your bum try on all terrain. 

Festivals Woodstock

Celebrate creativity, diversity, and the spirit of independent artistry. Freestyle your festival look and encapsulate the essence of creative freedom. The sky is the limit!

Festivals Metal

If your next stop is the Download festival — or you love the black-on-black look, this festival style is just for you. With a faux leather bumbag, a black canvas sun hat and a black fleece blanket, you're ready to rock & roll! 

Festivals Den Praktiske

Don't want to confine yourself to just one look? No problem! Sew your festival essentials in neutral, natural shades, and you can combine them with just about every piece of clothing you bring. 

We would love to see your creative festival essentials! Upload your festival photo to Instagram and tag us @selfmade_com 

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