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As you step away from the digital world, let your creativity soar and discover the happiness that crafting brings.

Create charming picnic blankets, stylish picnic bags, sun hats, and much more, perfect for your nature escapades!

Whether it's for a sun-soaked day at the beach or a serene picnic in the park - we've got what you need to create unique, long lasting outdoor accessories.


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Delve into our new outdoor universe and get inspired to create an outdoor universe with hammocks, cushions, blankets, and more, that you can use for years to come! 

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Picnic perfection: where craftsmanship meets alfresco dining.

It's time to get your craft on and create the perfect homemade picnic bags to make your outdoor feasts extra special. With a spot of elbow grease and a pinch of creativity, you can craft delightful picnic bags that ooze with charm and showcase your splendid sewing skills. So, let's get cracking!


Now, let's talk fabrics! When it comes to choosing the best materials for your picnic bag, durability and style are key. Here are a few top-notch options to consider:

  1. Canvas: This sturdy fabric is a smashing choice for picnic bags, as it can withstand the rough and tumble of outdoor adventures. Plus, canvas comes in many colours and prints, so your picnic bag will surely be a showstopper.

  2. Oilcloth: Fancy a splash of retro charm? Opt for an oilcloth fabric that is waterproof and wipe-clean, making it perfect for those inevitable spills and messes. And with a dazzling array of patterns available, your picnic bag will be the talk of the park!

  3. Denim: For a cool, casual vibe, why not go for denim? This hard-wearing fabric will stand up to the test of time, and with various shades and washes to choose from, you can create a genuinely one-of-a-kind picnic bag.


When it comes to crafting, there's nothing quite like the joy of seeing your creations come to life. So, whether you're an experienced seamstress or a budding beginner, creating your homemade picnic bags - or other roomy bags - is a brilliant way to tap into that tremendous crafty happiness. 

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A sewing hack to keep your behind dry

Elevate your picnic experience with our ingenious hack for picnic blankets! Sew your picnic blanket with a waterproof backing, ensuring you stay snug and dry, no matter the surface beneath.


For those cooler days or extra comfort, simply add an additional layer of thermal padding – you'll be toasty warm and content as you dine alfresco.


How to sew a waterproof picnic-blanket

  1. Cut 140 x 140 cm of top fabric 
  2. Cut 140 x 140 cm of waterproof fabric
  3. Place your fabric's right side against the right side so the wrong sides face outward. 
  4. Stitch the outer edge together, allowing a 10 mm seam allowance, leaving a 10 - 20 cm opening through which you can turn the finished blanket.
  5. Trim the corners close to the seam
  6. Turn your project inside out through your gap
  7. Finish your blanket with a 5 mm edge stitch along the outer edge of your turned blanket, closing the gap. 

If you wish to add thermal padding to your blanket, just cut a 140 x 140 cm piece of padding and place it on top of your layers in step 3. Then proceed with the rest of the guide. 


Craft your very own sunhat for those glorious sunny days, choosing between a chic narrow brim or a stylishly broad brim for ample shade.

Use natural fabrics

Opt for natural fabrics like linen or seersucker, which not only look delightful but also wick moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and comfortable.


Embrace the charm of homemade fashion and take pride in your bespoke creation, designed to protect you from the sun's rays while showcasing your creativity. 

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Embark on the ultimate road trip adventure with these essential companions! Craft a versatile canopy or sunshade from quality fade-resistant fabric and attach it to your car or a nearby tree, providing much-needed respite from the sun's rays during pit stops.


Bring a foldable mattress for impromptu picnics or a comfortable night's sleep under the stars. Don't forget to maximise your storage with cleverly designed hanging wall storage solutions, perfect for the side of the boot or the back of chairs, keeping your belongings organised and within easy reach. Then, hit the road in style with these ingenious homemade travel must-haves!

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